Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How To Lace a Shoe: The Sawtooth Method

For my first trick, I thought lacing shoes would be fun. I didn't realize there were so many ways to do it. I've put links to the website where I took the information. Good luck.

This comes from, "Click The City.Com," Go there for the video. I'll attempt to give directions I took from the video. Or if you really get stuck go here.

  1. What you need: An old shoe. Any shoe should work as long as it has laces.
  2. A pair of flat laces

  • Lace should be equal lengths
  • Lay the center of the lace on top of the shoe
  • Feed one end of the lace over the bottom eyelet. (Place your finger on the center of the lace to keep equal.)
  • Feed the same lace under the eyelet on the same side of the shoe.
  • Using the same side of the lace, cross to the opposite side and over and through the eyelet.
  • Then skipping an eyelet the adjacent side, string the lace under the next eyelet.
  • Back To the opposite side, skip the eyelet and thread over and through the next one, then skip the adjacent eyelet and thread under the next one. Do these steps until you reach the top.
  • Try to keep the lace flat.
  • Now, weave the other end of the lace through the remaining eyelets, under on one side, over on the other.
  • String the last two eyelets, one, then the other on the same side.

I found it easier to thread the two adjacent, bottom laces over the top and pull them equal there. Then you've to center already set.

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