Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Old Bag

Do you have an old purse you've been yawning over and are just about on the verge of throwing it out. DON'T DO IT!

Here's and old purse

Here's what you need

I've got some sew on jewels. I didn't know they were sew on, but, hey, who cares, they're pretty. They cost three plus bucks for six. You can get them cheaper, I'm sure. But I'm wealthy, price is no object for me. Yeah.

You'll need two colors and two shapes of jewels. I've chosen, blue, round, and red oblong.

You'll need some tacky glue, too.


Master piece:


Now you have a fun purse that the other gals will love.

Or you could try the appliques. These are iron on, but I suggest you don't try to iron them onto leather or vinyl or plastic. This purse is probably plastic. Maybe it's leather. But the tacky glue should work.


I can't decide what one to use. I like them both, but the possibilities are endless with just a bit of imagination.


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